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Re: The Reaons MSBBC Cannot be Taken Seriously Anymore

High Plains Thumper wrote:

> I remember in 1977 or '78, listening to short wave radio
> broadcasts from BBC Australia during wee hours of the night in
> US.  They spoke of skirmishes in Borneo, so many troops and
> insurgents killed, etc.  This was news that never made headlines
> in US TV news and newspapers.

as a avid shortwave listener myself, i also try to gather the news on world
events from the english speaking broadcast like Radio Havana (cuba) Radio
Moscow, the BBC, ETC however, i have found that the news broadcast the BBC
is not as much different as the propaganda from the american press.
the only thing on shortwave worth listening to right now is the alternative
> Takeover of BBC by Microsoft concerns me.  It appears to be
> another way to censor news about Linux and other operating
> systems, IMHO.
it's worse than that, it is taking the BBC out of the governments / peoples
control & placing it the hands of a corporation. 
almost all of the mainstream media is owned by corporations which are
members of the council of foriegn relations (CFR). they (including
microsoft) are tied in to the new world order, globalism, & the (soon to
be), one world government.
when you own the press, you can control public opinion.
Mepis or Debian Linux
an OS for the 21st Century

Microsoft = A Lost Cause

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