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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Gregory Shearman wrote:

>> The Linux desktop needs to have more advertising.
> I don't think so. What needs to be done is more Linux machines need to
> be set up by the big OEMs.. Dell, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Sony etc.. I
> suspect that backroom deals with Microsoft prevents this from happening.

I agree about the OEM thing.  People want something pre-installed since it's
very easy for them.  But advertising is still important.  In class I
learned that just because something is good does not mean that it will sell
well or be noticed by everyone.  The ads also have a big impact on people's
perception of the item. 

>> Not many people have heard about it before, sadly.
>> In my IT class this past fall, I was the only one who heard of Linux.
> Oh dear! You must live in the USA.

Yep.  It's rare to hear about Linux on TV, radio, etc.  

>> People are mystified by computers, and they are afraid about switching
>> over
>> to new operating systems.  Proper advertising will let people know that
>> Linux is a great alternative.  Even two years ago I never would have
>> dreamed about using Linux.  Thankfully, the Internet helps spread
>> information about Linux that the mainstream media fails to mention.
> Hmmm... I think people don't even *know* what an operating system is.
> They know *brands* such as Windows and Apple. They associate the name
> "Windows" with the computer, rather than as an optional software
> component.

Exactly.  They think the OS cannot be removed from the hardware, too. 
Hopefully, they will realize that there is an alternative called Linux.

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