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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Gregory Shearman wrote:

> On 2009-05-12, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Winters here are cold day and night.  The wind makes it worse.
> We only get the winds at the very end of Winter, dry, cool winds from
> the centre of the continent. It's a sign that Winter is at an end.

I love it when Winter ends!

>> It rarely snows at my college;
> It *never* snows here. We sometimes get a dusting of snow on the
> mountains around our valley in the depths of winter and *only* above
> 1000 metres.

So you guys don't build snowmen?  :)  I haven't built one in about 7 years,
by the way.  

>> only heavy clouds hang over the bare branches each day.  I love warm
>> weather, and it’s spring here.
> We don't do deciduous around here. Winter is a time for the coastal
> heathland and Melaleuca forests to flower. It's beautiful! In summer,
> the weather is so very dry, hot and harsh. The plants all go into
> survival mode.

It was flowering here for the past month.  I like the pink flowers the best-
huge petals and lovely color.  

I love hot weather.   It means that it's time for the beach!  :D

>> Australia sounds like a wonderful place.
> It has its moments. I hate the long hot summer, but the rest of the year
> makes up for it.

Of course, every place has its highs and lows.

>> I want a pet koala, just like most people.  :D
> You wouldn't. Vicious beasts with wickedly long claws and
> double-opposable thumbs. Best to leave them in the eucalypts. I'd have a
> wombat or a wallaby instead. I'm a bit weird but I prefer rats as pets.
> I fell in love with them while doing a Psych degree at Uni... Lovely
> docile creatures with white fur and pink eyes.

That's so cute haha.  Rats are OK as long as they don't bite!  And I like
wallabies myself- they look like baby kangaroos.  :)

>>> A good newsreader will colour highlight the quotes so as to make reading
>>> easier.
>> Ok, I’ll try to configure my newsreader properly or get a new one.  :)
> You use knode. I seem to remember it has colour highlighting of quotes.
> Maybe I'm mistaken. I haven't used it in a while.

So far, all of the quotes are in black text.  Maybe I have to poke around

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