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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Gregory Shearman wrote:

> On 2009-05-08, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Doctor Smith wrote:
>>> You're gonna' love Linux and the Linux community.
>>> They accept all kinds and females are especially welcome.
>> Nice to see that they are welcoming!
> That was an oblique attack on Linux advocates as being nerdy and without
> girlfriends. Unfortunately for Dr Smith, most of the Linux advocates
> here are old guys with wives and children grown to adulthood.

Oh, I see thanks.  I’m on the young side, along with Tony Manco and Roy
Schestowitz.  I’m not sure about the other members’ ages.  

>>> Understand, you'll have to start at the beginning because many of them
>>> have no idea how to interact socially with a female.
> See?
> What happens here is that this rather nasty troll is projecting its own
> inadequacies onto its hated target, namely the Linux Advocates in this
> group.
> Perhaps you should consider the plight of a Linux hater spending its
> days in a Linux Advocacy group attacking and denigrating advocates.

Doctor Smith can use a good friend and may be in COLA for attention.  Or
maybe I’m wrong- it’s hard to figure out people’s intentions online.

>>> That's what happens when a Linux freetard spends his formative years
>>> banging out code in his mother's basement rather than socializing with
>>> the opposite sex.
> More generalisation without evidence. A rehashing of tired stereotypes.

Come on, Doctor Smith.  You know that’s not true at all. 

>>> See Hans Reiser and his now dead mail order bride for details.
> Guilt by association... very unpleasant!

Indeed.  :(

>>> The short story is a killed her, although some in the Linux groups think
>>> he was set up.....
> Of course, there's no evidence presented as to which "Linux groups"
> think such things.

Yes, the Linux community is diverse, like I mentioned before.  Each distro,
desktop environment, app, etc. has its own group of fans and maintainers. 
So which group are you talking about, Doctor Smith??

>>> Linux also seems to attract a larger than typical homosexual population
>>> so if that's your bag, you'll find comfort here as well.
> This is the classic flatfish "attack". The troll hates homosexuals (and
> perhaps, hates itself for being a closet homosexual) and so thinks that
> calling others homosexual will hurt them. It is of course wrong in this.
> It also doesn't provide any evidence as to the proportion of homosexual
> Linux users with regard to proportions of Homosexual users of other
> operating systems, making its statements worthless and *almost*
> pitiable.

Doctor Smith shouldn't be making fun of people who don't conform to his set
of beliefs.  Homosexuals aren't hurting anyone.  They are simply guilty of
loving someone- and that's not a crime at all.  

>> Well, most Linux users don't fall under a narrow set of characteristics.
> Of course not.

>> Learn to open your mind.  As Linux spreads, there will be more types of
>> people using it.  :)
> I'm not sure the troll is even human.

Doctor Smith should realize that Linux is simply a good alternative, and it
doesn’t make sense to hate it so much.  Learn to love it!

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