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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Gregory Shearman wrote:

> Greg is OK.
> Yes, I am in Australia. Winter is coming on us now and once the month of
> storms (May) is over, we'll have lovely warm days and cold nights
> (around 5-8 degrees Celsius) all through winter. It's my favourite
> season here.... the beach is empty and looking at its absolute best, and
> the humpback whales start their migration up the coast...
> Terry lives further up the coast in the sub-tropical region. I'm in warm
> temperate.

Winters here are cold day and night.  The wind makes it worse.  It rarely
snows at my college; only heavy clouds hang over the bare branches each
day.  I love warm weather, and it’s spring here.  Australia sounds like a
wonderful place.  I want a pet koala, just like most people.  :D

> You may be able to have good discussions here, but you'll have to wade
> through a lot of rubbish to pick out the good bits, hence the
> requirement of a good filter.

I promise not to get buried in all of it!

> lulz?
> Hmmm. I think they troll because of a lack in their lives, or more
> likely the lack of a life at all.

Yes, they should realize that life is too short.  The weather is getting
nice here (if they are in the US) and outdoor activities are available. 
Take a break.  They don’t know what they are missing!

> A good newsreader will colour highlight the quotes so as to make reading
> easier.

Ok, I’ll try to configure my newsreader properly or get a new one.  :) 
>> Thanks for introducing yourself!
> No worries.

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