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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

wispygalaxy stated in post gu2f2n$i1m$1@xxxxxxxx on 5/8/09 4:25 PM:

> Snit wrote:
>> I know I use OS X, Windows, and Linux - and have clients who use all three. I
>> like them each for different reasons... and dislike them for different
>> reasons as well.  :)  This is shunned and feared in COLA; for example, when I
>> noted - and even gave pictures and video as proof of some weaknesses in
>> desktop Linux - I was called a liar and libel was spread that I had forged
>> the evidence (though there was *no* support for such claims... *absolutely
>> none*).  It is a sickness in some people that they refuse to see the down
>> sides of a tool they prefer.
> Hmm, video proof is hard to disprove.  Maybe it was a misunderstanding that
> led to that confrontation.

HPT claimed to try to replicate what I had done and was not able to...
others noted they *could* replicate it.  HPT decided to accuse me of forgery
because he was embarrassed at his inability to follow directions.

> You seem involved with various platforms- very good!  I have used Linux,
> Windows, and Macs also.  I've used Macs in the '90s during K-2 and then 4th
> grade.  Most of the stuff I did on them were educational games like Reader
> Rabbit, word processing, or art projects.  I do like Mac hardware since
> it's so shiny and polished.  :)

In the late 80s and early 90s I used to run education Apple IIe, Mac and
Windows labs at a college - we had tons of software of the type you list...
hundreds of titles - mostly for the Apple IIe.  :)


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