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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Megabyte wrote:

> wispygalaxy wrote:
>> DFS wrote:
>>> wispygalaxy wrote:
>>>> Erik Jan wrote:
>>>>> Dear Wispygalaxy,
>>>>> welcome to this group. I hope you will find what you are looking for,
>>>>> but don't forget: this is a trolls' den. The trolls may attack you
>>>>> and try to cut you to pieces, or you may get a less than polite
>>>>> answer from people who are suspicious of trolls and are growing like
>>>>> them.
>>>>> Greetings,
>>>>> Erik Jan.
>>>>> P.S. I am very happy with the work of Roy. Thanks to him I know about
>>>>> what happens in Linux land.
>>>> Hi, I'm glad to meet you!  I hope to have good discussion in here,
>>>> and I do not intend to start fights with anyone.  That's not my style
>>>> haha; I tend to be a peace-maker.  :D  I am open to debate, even if I
>>>> don't agree 100% with someone.  All anyone has to do is be civil, and
>>>> I'm willing to talk with him/her.  So don't be shy!  :P
>>> wispy,
>>> It's difficult to be civil in a pit of lying Linux idiots who post
>>> ridiculous claims about Linux and Windows and run away when they're
>>> asked for the slightest bit of proof.
>>> Want some evidence?  Sure thing:
>>> ====================================================
>> It seems like you guys had a lot of intense debates in here!  I think
>> it's
>> important that both sides present evidence for claims.  It is definitely
>> more effective than attacking each other personally.  Whenever I got into
>> an argument with my sisters (this happened more often when we were
>> younger- thankfully they both mellowed out now haha) they would attack my
>> *appearance* the whole time during a showdown.  It had nothing to do with
>> the main argument!  I'd just brush it off since I knew they had nothing
>> better to say.  Anyway, the best debates include the presentation of
>> facts
>> and then an analysis of them.  Getting angry and throwing mud will cause
>> the other side to block what you have to say and ignore some valid points
>> you make.  I think both sides have to listen to each other's criticisms
>> fairly and not get defensive.  Hopefully, I let everyone know how we can
>> debate more successfully in here without resorting to angry battles.  :-)
> Agreed.  Unfortunately folks here would seem to rather name call, accuse
>   people of lying and are only prepared to tolerate opinions that are
> similar to their own.  In COLA if you're not 100% pro-Linux and 100%
> against Microsoft, you're treated like the enemy.  Reality is there are
> pros and cons to Linux just like there are pros and cons to Windows.
> Which is better is in the eyes of the beholder.  What works for one
> doesn't necessarily work for another.  I choose to use both Windows and
> Linux.  There are things that I like about each and things that I hate
> about each. It is a strange group here, welcome!

Thanks for the welcome.  Yes, if people are open-minded about other options,
then there will be less hostility.  I remember the first time I heard about
Firefox.  It was in high school, and my friend was using it (the portable
version) on the science classroom computer.  (At the time, I thought he was
so 1337 for running an app from a USB flash drive!)  There was no theme to
it, so I thought it looked boring.  I even giggled at the name "Firefox";
thought it was cute.  I forgot about Firefox and continued to use Internet
Explorer up until my friend sent me the Google Pack.  I curiosly tried it
and it had Firefox.  I said to myself: "OK, I'll give it a shot.  I never
actually used it for myself, so how can I judge?"  Guess what?  I loved the
experience!  Now I tend not to make snap judgements about things before
actually trying it.  I used to think Linux came only in black-and-white
text.  Wow, how wrong was I?!  :D    

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