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Re: CORRECTION: A Million PSPs Sold in Small Nation

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 09:32:04 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Same thing in Digg. He opened at least 3 accounts with slight variations of my
>username, stole my avatar and then posted offensive stuff and/or self-nuking
>libel so that people mistakenly thing it's me. Gary is scam of the lowest type
>and his mental state suggests that he's lonely and potentially suicidal.

You make a lot of enemies Roy, what can I say except it's not me and
as usual your claims have no proof whatsoever.
Your avatar is stupid looking anyhow.
Hardly. I'm not the one spamming every corner of the net with garbage.
That's you Roy Schestowitz.

Why don't you get a boyfriend or something?

And now because you've stirred up a couple of hornets nests, not me
mind you, but people who DO have an agenda and they have retaliated
against your garbage, you start crying like a baby.

I'll give you a a piece of advice: If you don't wish to get burned,
don't play with matches.

You start up all this sites libeling some very large and powerful
companies who provide jobs, incomes and products for a lot of people
in this world. People who are loyal to those companies and who depend
upon them to survive. 

And you don't expect at least a portion of these people to be less
than enchanted with your little games?
You are sadly mistaken.

That's the problem with being an eternal student Roy, you live
breathe, eat and shit what you are fed behind the walls of academia
and your real world experience is sorely lacking.
You know the saying "those who can't, teach" or "those who can't
teach, teach physical education".

I've been here a long time Roy, a real long time. I've seen people
like you come and go. For me it's a joke, it's a game. There is
nothing worth watching, for the most part, on TV but there is always a
new comedy show here in COLA 24x7.

Since you've started spamming here and the other places you call home
you have started to unravel. You're acting paranoid Roy and that's not
a good thing. Posts on digg about digg censoring you, groups of people
out to get you and so forth.
It started when you posted that diatribe about PJ possibly being
poisoned and it's been getting worse.

That's kooky stuff Roy, even for you.

The problem is you put yourself in precarious positions and then
expect others to just lay down and surrender.

You're like the kid who tosses a rock through a window and runs.

When the person who is behind the window actually chases the kid and
beats the living daylights out of him the kid is stunned that someone
ran after him.

That's you Roy.

It's noble of you to take up a cause, and I believe it's a good cause
however you must not lose credibility by posting garbage, IOW
misleading articles.

And, more importantly, you must expect to be attacked when you attack
large companies and splatter it all over the net.

It's all about discrediting the opponent.

Look at the current presidential debates.
Look at any high profile trial.
Look at the planted stories in the press when a big name gets
It's about discrediting, in many cases, more so than about presenting
That's what people are going to do to you, and me as well.
The difference Roy, is I don't care.
I don't use my real name, never have and never will because I don't
have a fish in this race. 
You seemingly do, Linux.

Someday when you escape academia, all of this is going to come back to
haunt you and personally I don't think you have the moxy or mental
stability to handle it.

If you were a movie star, the first time you saw an article about you
growing a 5th limb in the National Enquirer you'd go nuts.

In conclusion, you've started a war Roy. Not with me and not with most
of the others in COLA because to us you are a novelty but with people
in big places and they are not going to just let you spout your
nonsense without retaliating.
And for the record, I don't know any of this as fact, but I do know
how the corporate world operates which is why I left it many years

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