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Re: Roy Schestowitz proves he's a sad, lonely loser. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Hadron wrote:
Ben Miller-Jacobson <bmillerjacobson@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

flatfish wrote:
snip beating up on Roy Schestowitz
Flatfish, back into your troll-hole. In my (limited) experience, Roy
posts interesting stuff in (sometimes, IMHO, exceedingly) large
quantities while you nym-shift and post exceptionally rude crap in
comparably large quantities. That makes Roy better than you.

You seem to value your own opinion quite a lot. And sound distinctly
similar to a previous self opinionated poster. Strange eh?
Look, I'm not Roy. I think a lot of the [news] threads he starts have interesting info I wouldn't see otherwise, but he also posts so many that I often find they get tiresome to wade through. However, IMHO, trolls like flatfish have no redeeming value whatsoever.

I like to argue a bit too much and tend to but into other people's business when I shouldn't. Those are just character flaws I have. However, I think you are being paranoid (or just plain retarded). I may have backed him up in that argument, but I don't write like he does and I would have done the same thing if I was equally bored and someone else was in an argument with flatfish or clogwog, for example.


Random Flatfish Nym:
Danny Kwong

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