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Re: [News] US Government Lags Behind in Free Software Adoption

Gregory Shearman wrote:

> I'm left-handed and learned to *push* the pen across the paper rather
> than the more common "lefty" trait of curling the hand around so as to
> *pull* the pen across the paper. My way leads to *very* messy copy. I
> learned to touch-type as soon as I could afford a typewriter (this is
> before computers were commonplace). I always find writing a big
> struggle and the results are messy and very unsatisfactory.

Writing by hand is annoying, and I used to write way more by hand when I was
in middle and high school.

> Typing is the way to go. I used to get my local accountant to do my tax,
> but he's always too busy at tax time (and so am I) and my taxes aren't
> that complicated.

Typing is faster than handwriting for me now.  I used to make typos often a
few years back, but I'm way more comfortable with the computer now.  I type
almost all of my projects and assignments.  

It's good that you don't have too many problems at tax time!

> Hmmm... I remember madly scribbling in my university lectures many years
> ago. What a pain in the arse!

I can imagine!  It's hard to keep up when someone's speaking.  Writing full
sentences while a lecturer is speaking is impossible.

The good thing is that my professors post their presentation slides online. 
I can get all of my notes from there if I miss something.

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