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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Gregory Shearman wrote:

> G'day.

Hello, Greg!  (Mind if I call you that?)  :D  Are you from Australia like
Terry Porter?  

>> I hope to have good discussion in here,
> Hope away. I don't like your chances. Perhaps you are in the wrong group
> if you hope for such a high ideal.

I believe that there can be insightful comments from people who truly care
and/or understand Linux and OSS.  Or maybe I'm new and haven't seen it all
yet?  lol

>> and I do not intend to start fights with anyone.
> It's important that you don't. There are trolls here who deliberately
> antagonise for the purpose of distraction from Linux Advocacy.

I understand some people like to troll for the lulz.  ;)
>> That's not my style haha; I tend to be a peace-maker. :D
> You'll be God if you make peace in here.

People have said that I am a diplomat.  In 2nd grade, I had to be a
messenger between one boy and one girl during a verbal fight during recess. 
I actually had to deliver "Yo Mamma" jokes between them since they didn't
want to talk *directly* to each other!  (One of them was: Your mama's teeth
are so yellow that the sun sang "We are a family"!)  I tried to keep a
straight face during that fight.  hahaha

>> I am open to debate, even if I don't agree 100% with someone.
> It's a  requirement if you want to have fun here.

Yes, there is a lot of funny stuff in here!

>> All anyone has to do is be civil, and I'm willing to talk with
>> him/her.  So don't be shy!  :P
> Hmmm... Good luck with those civil discussions. 8-)
> Just in case... I hope you have a good killfilter handy.

For me, it gets confusing when I have to read quotes nested in replies.  I
prefer to read original messages.  COLA is pretty hilarious to read at
times, and I don't want to block the funny stuff.  :P

Thanks for introducing yourself!

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