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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

On 2009-05-06, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Erik Jan wrote:
>> Dear Wispygalaxy,
>> welcome to this group. I hope you will find what you are looking for,
>> but don't forget: this is a trolls' den. The trolls may attack you and
>> try to cut you to pieces, or you may get a less than polite answer from
>> people who are suspicious of trolls and are growing like them.
>> Greetings,
>> Erik Jan.
>> P.S. I am very happy with the work of Roy. Thanks to him I know about
>> what happens in Linux land.
> Hi, I'm glad to meet you!


> I hope to have good discussion in here,

Hope away. I don't like your chances. Perhaps you are in the wrong group
if you hope for such a high ideal.

> and I do not intend to start fights with anyone.

It's important that you don't. There are trolls here who deliberately
antagonise for the purpose of distraction from Linux Advocacy.

> That's not my style haha; I tend to be a peace-maker. :D

You'll be God if you make peace in here.

> I am open to debate, even if I don't agree 100% with someone.

It's a  requirement if you want to have fun here.

> All anyone has to do is be civil, and I'm willing to talk with
> him/her.  So don't be shy!  :P

Hmmm... Good luck with those civil discussions. 8-)

Just in case... I hope you have a good killfilter handy.


Gentoo Linux - Penguin Power

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