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Re: disappeared from google

__/ [C] on Wednesday 09 November 2005 10:54 \__

>> I'm getting the same error message
> Oh no! Please tell me which browser you are using.
>> I checked your site at web.archive.org, and it looks like your site has
>> been
>> on the fritz since last year some time. It hasn't been successfully
>> spidered
>> since June 2004.
>> See for yourself: <http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.consultgb.com/>
> I had actually noticed that - but as we were listed as No.1 in google with
> our intended main keywords, and a lot of our pages had been coming up in
> the top 3 pages of google on a regular and most importantly, a recent basis
> (some pages only uploaded in the last month or so and being listed in
> Google), I didn't think this was anything to worry about.

Google are run by Linux technologies and have a mysterious pact with Mozilla.
It is possible are reluctant to send surfers to sites which are incompatible
with browsers other than MSIE. I imagine that Google can still crawl the
pages regardless, though they might need closed-source software to do that.

>> I suspect you're using Internet Explorer to view the site. Among the
>> browser's many faults is a tendency to pay no attention to the staleness
>> of
>> web pages by default. Try clearing your browser cache. Or visit
>> <http://www.consultgb.com/?foo=bar> to force a reload.
> Yes, I'm using IE - and I tried that method of refreshing the cache, etc,
> and I get the newset content perfectly fine.
>> If you haven't done anything with the source code for this website, then
>> the
>> error might be caused by a lack of space in your database.
> I doubt that - its very small, under 5 mg.

That wouldn't explain why it works in one place and malfunctions in another.

>>Or your site
>> might have been hacked :-(

With IP address playing a role?

> Hmm, again, I very much doubt that - we have a very good hardware firewall
> on the webserver and I can see no other problems on the other sites being
> hosted on the server to arouse any suspiscions. Just out of interest, what
> happens when you go to http://www.gbconsult.co.uk/ ?

Same error message. Sorry, mate.

> Thanks for the help guys.


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