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Re: Zooned!

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:51:21 -0500, Linonut <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Why would he respond to your stupid "calling out"?

He won't.
He's too busy loading up the spam machine for the nightly flood.

>> Roy is the single BEST advocate for NOT using Linux software.
>Nah, he's actually pretty decent.
Not even close.
Roy is considered a joke in most Linux groups.
Check digg for example.

How the hell can a person who submits 1000's of articles have a
negative rating?

>> Roy is to Linux advocacy what Pat Robertson is to religion.
>Nah, he just gets a bit obsessive.  Been there.

He's a cracked pot.

>> The more Roy Spams, the worse this group becomes and the more clouded
>> and convoluted the search engines become.
>What a farking load of crap.  You know what pollutes this group the
>most?  The posts of Clogwog, the Dizum Dipshit, that Linux-Sux nutcase
>who posts from Teranews, and you, the flatfish.
>It's a crap flood, and you are part of it.

Search on flatfish+ anything and keep in mind that flatfish is a real
fish (flounder).

Now do the same for schestowitz+anything.

See what you get?

The guy has infiltrated, polluted just about every corner of the net.

Don't you find it interesting that he used to be a top poster to
usenet alt.internet.search-engines before he started spamming COLA?

Read some of his older posts in that group and decide for yourself
what he is up to.

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