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* Peter Köhlmann fired off this tart reply:

> Peter Kränkwonov wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> ____/ Peter Kränkwonov on Wednesday 28 November 2007 20:14 : \____
>>>> But
>>> Hi, Gary,
>> I think your newsreader might be broken Roy. I saw no text. Who is Gary?
> It seems it is you, flatfish

Indeed.  Like an efflorescence of red tide, flatfish is back, with a
platoon of sock puppets piling on Roy in an attempt to ridicule him into

Interestingly enough, a similar personality war is going on over ZDnet's
George Ou (our favorite evaluator of OpenOffice, next to DFS).


   The assault on reason isn't just a political phenomenon.
   Microsoft has long been developing its own cast of apologists who
   have eked out full time careers in the field of sputtering out
   ignorant, unfounded claims with such insistence and volume that the
   undecided simply have no alternative but to line up and applaud their
   seemingly convincing rhetoric. Among them is George Ou, who
   unsurprisingly blogs for CNET's ZDNet branded website.

   ZDNet desperately needs ad revenue, and the best way to drive that is
   to publish sensationalist headlines that catch the attention of
   throngs of Diggers. It doesn't matter that Digg users represent
   an unattractive demographic from a real marketing perspective;
   traffic is traffic for web click sites.

   Take Microsoft's need for constant, high pitched spin to detract
   from its grave mistakes and regular failures and combine it with
   ZDNet's unapologetically desperate brand of sensational headline
   writing, and you have fertile ground for arrogant morons ready and
   willing to say anything and everything. High up on the moron pile is
   George Ou, a blogger billed as a 'Technical Director of

There's a lot more "dirt" in that article.  It's a long one.

C'mon flatty, your own efforts re Roy are pathetic.   Stop floundering
around.  Don't be so shellfish with the dirt.  Show a little sense of
porpoise.  Don't just post for the halibut!

(Apologies to Kip Kadota)

Tux rox!

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