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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

In article <gu05ro$82q$1@xxxxxxxx>, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> 
> Oh neat, you have the Eee!  I wanted that little thing since I first saw it. 
> What color is the case?  I can definitely afford one, but I'm waiting until
> after graduation to buy things for myself (and my house).  I'm currently in
> the process of getting rid of a lot of my things from my room.  I have too
> many clothes, period.  And I have no idea what I'm going to do with all my
> books!

I'd suggest putting your books in bookshelves.  School books turn out to 
be useful long after school.  If you actually go into the field that you 
studied in school, the books will often be a useful reference, at least 
for the first couple of years or so of your career.

And if you go into a field that has nothing to do with what you studied 
in school, you will find that over time, you forget what you learned in 
school.  Then, one day, out of nowhere, you'll come across something on 
the net that poses a problem, and you'll realize that you could have 
solved that when you in school, but no you have no clue how to do so.  
Then, you will decide its a shame you've forgotten all that 
{calculus|physics|17th century erotic french literature} you worked so 
hard and spent so much money to learn--and you will vow to relearn it.  
You will then be very happy that you saved you books from school.

--Tim Smith

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