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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

On 2009-05-11, Sinister Midget <fardblossom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2009-05-10, Gregory Shearman <ZekeGregory@xxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> On 2009-05-08, Sinister Midget III <al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 2009-05-08, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> My eeepc701 is also black. There were only 2 left in the store, a white
>> one and a black one.
>>> But the original would have worked fine as-is. The only thing I'd
>>> recommend is dumping Xandros. It takes up the entire drive on the 4G
>>> model because of how it installs. It shouldn't really need all that.
>>> The others I tried cut disk use by about half just by dumping Xandros.
>> It uses unionfs, so that if you stuff up the config, you can recover it
>> by simply removing the offending files.
> Yeah. After I dumped Xandros completely I found a howto for making it
> free up space by turning off unionfs. By that time I didn't have the
> stomach for it because there were plenty of other things that work
> better, were better supported and had more available options.

I haven't dumped it yet. I run Gentoo from a 4G keydrive. I may dump it
someday, mainly to free up another USB socket.

> Then I remembered the gspace plugin for Firefox. I had a gmail account
> set up just for that before. So I installed the plugin and now I have
> external space again, where I can save settings and such away from home
> and get the back should a fire or an iceberg take out the Midget
> homestead.

It's wise to have offsite backups.

>> I've got gentoo on mine but I've struck some trouble trying to get the
>> asus_laptop module to install. Previously I used an asus_acpi module
>> from an arcon portage overlay, but it won't install on the new 2.6.28
>> kernel.... sigh! More tweaking to come!

I've finally worked out how to configure in eeepc_laptop rather than
asus_laptop module. "make menuconfig" kept it hidden until I hunted down
all its dependencies and enabled them in the config.

> I don't have the stomach to go through the whole gentoo thing again. I
> tried several times and actually got it working once. But I screwed it
> up when I installed some extra software after about a week. Then I
> tried to shortcut things 3 different times using Sabayon (and the
> original RR4 before it). Each time it would go along fine for a a
> couple of weeks or more, then I'd mess something up during an install.
> Something would be removed, something would fail during compile, I'd
> get in too much of a hurry and mess up trying to correct it, and I'd
> eventually end up with a problem system.

I've been running Gentoo since mid 2005. Before running Gentoo I ran a
Linux from Scratch system. Building linux from scratch really helped my
understanding of how to keep the system stable. I moved to Gentoo
because of its package management system. My LFS system's only package
manager was me. 

If something doesn't compile, then you get a clue from the error
messages then you have to do a little digging. The portage tools are
fantastic.  Diagnostic tools such as "equery" are invaluable.

You really have to know your machine well if you want a successful
install of Gentoo.

> If I ever do another gentoo, it's going to be on a machine that just
> sits and does nothing for me except help me learn all I need to learn
> to keep from screwing it up. I realize it's easy to maintain once you
> have what you want all fixed up. I always messed it up in the stage of
> getting everything I wanted installed and working.

Oh, it takes a bit of setting up. Once running, it is *mostly* plain
sailing. Every now and then there's a change to critical infrastructure
(such as the system tool chain) and things can get dicey. Recently it
was the upgrade of the xorg-server to 1.5.x.


Gentoo Linux - Penguin Power

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