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Re: [News] Gnote 0.3.0

Sinister Midget III wrote:

> Black. I couldn't make up my mind what color to get. I just sort of
> settled on black.
> I've upgraded everything I can think to upgrade. It was a 4G PC900
> model. Now it's 16G (a Runcore SSD that's much faster). It had 512M.
> Now it has 2G (the default Xandros can't handle more than 1G). I just
> got a replacement battery yesterday that's 10400. The original was
> 5800. And I dumped Xandros. First for Eeebuntu, now for Ubuntu 9.04.
> None of that was necessary let me add. I knew I'd want to make those
> sorts of changes no matter what the original model had. So I bought one
> that was low-end enough that it would be huge changes taking place.
> But the original would have worked fine as-is. The only thing I'd
> recommend is dumping Xandros. It takes up the entire drive on the 4G
> model because of how it installs. It shouldn't really need all that.
> The others I tried cut disk use by about half just by dumping Xandros.
>> What distro is on your Eee?  I'm assuming that you installed your own. 
>> I'm thinking of trying out Mint if I get one.
> It's Ubuntu 9.04 now. I may leave it alone, or I may play around with
> some others (I constantly change things on the desktop, too). I just
> downloaded Cruncheee 8.10.2 and CrunchBang 9.04 (unofficial). I might
> play around with those over the next week or so.

I kinda miss Ubuntu- I'm on Debian Lenny right now.  I gotta check it out
again soon.  Yes, black is always in as a classic color.  :)

>> Glad to meet you, Sinister Midget!  ^_^
> Ditto. Grab yourself a flame-retardent suit over by the door and stay a
> spell.

Haha thanks!

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